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School Pickup

School pickup is available for Reception - Y5 from Hallam Primary School on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If you would like us to collect your child, please email for a copy of the permission form, and inform their school teacher that we will be collecting them. No child can be collected without a complete permission form. Send your child with a drink and a snack.


All pupils that are with us for longer periods (eg. 3 lessons in a row) are given drink and snack breaks between lessons so please send your child with appropriate snacks - no nuts/nut based products allowed for allergy purposes.

Class Schedule

2022-2023 TIMETABLE

Updated 13/10/23

Masterclass Thursday/Friday Dates

Every 3rd week of the month!

Thursday = Y6 - Y9

Friday = Vocational (Y9 +) 

Winter Term:

Spring Term:

19th & 20th January

None in February (half term)

16th & 17th March

20th & 21st April

Summer Term:

18th & 19th May

15th & 16th June

20th & 21st July

Alternative Timetable

At certain times during the year we run a reduced timetable. This Alternative Timetable is in place during the week before the Christmas Holiday, the week after the May Show, and from the first Saturday of July - the end of Summer term.

See below (click to enlarge the images).

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