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Hair Tips & Tricks

All things you need to know and have to get the best looking dancer's hair you can!

Top tips on perfecting that ballet bun!

Note - if your hair is shorter/thinner than the girl in the video, you can twist and wrap it into a bun in one section rather than two!

Either way, the most important trick is to pin as you go!

What do  I need in my hair kit?

hair bobbles.jpg
hair elastics_edited.jpg

Hair Bobbles & Elastics

Hair bobbles should match the colour of your hair and its always good to have a range of sizes! Smaller hair elastics can be useful to have on hand too, especially for things like plaits!

Hair Grips/ Bobby Pins

These are the narrow hair grips that slide into you hair to help with fly-aways and holding back shorter hair. These should match your hair colour!

hair grips.jpg
hair pins.jpg

Bun Pins

These are the pins you'll use to help secure your bun! These should also match your hair colour.

Spiral Pins

For dancers with very long and/or thick hair, we recommend getting spiral pins too to help secure all that hair in a bun!

Bun Nets

Bun nets help hold you bun in place and help prevent any hairs from escaping. These should match your hair colour.

bun nets br.jpg
bun nets bl_edited.png

Hair Brush and Comb

It's very important to have a hair brush on hand that suits your hair texture. Older girls may also find it useful to have a comb to help with sectioning hair and defining partings.

hair brush.jpg
hair spray.jpg

Hair Spray and Hair Gel

Important for securing your hair style in place, holding back any fly-aways and completing the smart look we want as dancers!

It never hurts to learn how to French Plait either as we often use these styles at show time!

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