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BalletBums Classes - COMING SOON!

What is BalletBums?

  • Cardio based ballet workout for adults

  • Up beat and FUN ballet inspired workout.

  • Brings women together for a unique ballet fitness workout.

  • Stripped ballet of its seriousness and made it fun with up tempo music and trainers instead of ballet shoes.

  • Simple yet effective workouts so absolutely anybody can do them.

  • 45 min workout to target every bit of your body.

  • No experience needed.

  • No ballet shoes required.

  • Women keep coming back to BalletBums.

  • Rekindle your childhood love for ballet or discover the beautiful art form.

  • Expertly chosen ballet exercises to get quick results which will keep you coming back for more.

Why is BalletBums different?

Not a typical workout as you learn and perfect a new skill.

Small classes so you are taught closely to avoid injury.

BalletBums is a tailored workout to your exact needs.

Varied workouts every week to keep it interesting.

Small classes make BalletBums feel more like a personal training experience as well as seeing much quicker results with hands on teaching.

By the end of the class you are performing mini ballet combinations.

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